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Reimagine and Reinvent. Private Residences, Event Centres,
Entertainment Complexes and, Now, Multi-Storey Condominiums.

Proudly Canadian
Since 1989

Local Production, International Recognition.

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Open Your Space to
the Possibilities You Envision

Commdoor Bi-Folding Door.


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We Pride Ourselves on Our Customer Service.

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Commdoor Aluminum: Reshaping Boundaries

The Specialist in Curtain Walls, Windows and Doors.

With our transparent approach, we have been serving the commercial and industrial demand for architectural aluminum products since 1989. A proud member of the Toro Aluminum Group of Companies.

Quality Products.
Innovative Designs.
And A Lasting Result.

With a long and successful history in the commercial glazing industry, Commdoor Aluminum provides high-quality architectural aluminum building products for engineers, architects, glazing contractors, designers and building owners.

Customer Service

Ease of Doing Business

Quality Products

Proudly Canadian


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